Birth Doula Services



During our complimentary consult we can chat about any questions you or your birthing partner have about doula care. This meeting is a good chance for us to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit to continue on in your journey.

Prenatal Visits

If you have decided to chose me as your doula we will have 2 prenatal visits together. These visits can be alone or with anyone in your birthing team. Including who you want there when you give birth will help them feel comfortable with me and your plans for the big day. These visits can happen anywhere but I do suggest that I come to you in your home or a place you feel the most comfortable, we will be moving around and having lots of chats about pregnancy and birth and I want you to be able to feel open and able to be yourself.  During the prenatal visits we will discuss any questions, bring to light any fears you may have, talk about how you see your birth unfolding (although birth is a very unpredictable event and we can not plan anything to an exact, it is good to have a birth wishlist so we can all be on the same page with what you want in certain scenarios); as well as practicing comfort techniques (both mentally and physically), helping your birth team in knowing how they can help the birthing person and so much more. We will also touch base on the postpartum period and transitioning into that phase. These visits are catered to your specific needs.

I am available through out your entire pregnancy via text and email for any support you feel you may need. I love to stay up to date with how you are feeling in your pregnancy, how your appointments are going so please feel free to utilize my support and ongoing contact.

I will be on-call 24/7 two weeks before your expected due date. This means on top of text and email support, I will be prepared to come to you whenever you feel you need me once labour has begun, whether it be at your home, birthing center or hospital.

Continual Labour Support

Once labour is in full swing I am available to come to you wherever you plan on labouring. We will work as a team on comfort measures, visualizations or whatever you may feel you need in that moment.

I attend hospital births, birthing center births or home births with a certified midwife present.

Postpartum Visit

I will be with you 1-2 hours after birth to help with feeding or anything you may need.

We will have one postpartum visit whenever you see fit after you have settled in at home. During the time in between I am available via text, email or phone for support as well.

During our postpartum visit we will go over any questions you have from the childbirth experience and help you with whatever you feel you need at that moment in time.

 Fee: $800

Half due at first prenatal and second half due one month before expected due date.

I do offer payment plans by request.

* This package can be customized depending on your needs.

Add ons

Birth ball

The use of a birth ball during labor is included in the doula package.

TENS machine

I have a TENS machine on hand during labor and is included in the doula package.

Alternatively, I am able to rent out the TENS machine for a fee.


I will have a Rebozo on hand during labor for comfort measure techniques.

Lending library

You are welcome to my library of birth books through out our time together. I will collect anything that has been borrowed during our postpartum visit.

Additional Prenatal visits

If at any time you feel like you need more than our package, I am available for additional prenatal visits at an extra cost.

If you feel you do not need the full birth package and only prenatal visits I am available for prenatal visits a la carte for a fee.

Pre/Post natal yoga

I am a certified pre/post natal yoga instructor and it is a huge passion of mine. I offer a discount on my doula services for any prenatal yoga registrants.

Currently teaching Prenatal Yoga series at iava wellness

March 10 - April 21